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The After-School Institute


TASI is dedicated to putting our knowledge to work for young people. 

Community youth work and after-school care are constantly evolving fields.  We help youth workers and after-school programs advance by applying the latest research and new discoveries to their development. 

Visit regularly for the most recent editions of our newsletter and publications in community youth work and after-school care. 

Publications/Reports Available For View:

Click here to view TASI's Second Annual Report!



The State of After-School in Maryland: An Assessment of Services, Support Systems and Gaps, Recommendations and Directory of Programs for Middle and High School Youth (3-page summary)



A Drum Major for The After-School Field: A Case Study of The After-School Institute (TASI) of Baltimore, Maryland (Released June 2006 with funding from The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation)

While a tremendous amount of funding has been allocated to direct services for after-school providers and programs, very little has been directed at systems, and at understanding and strengthening the roles of intermediaries in strengthening the after-school field. Intermediary organizations are important, as they serve as independent entities whose main role is to address the needs of the communities that they serve, and also to serve as a link between State Education Agencies (SEAs), Local Education Agencies (LEAs), local funding agencies and federal policy. We write this report to inform you of one such intermediary agency located in Baltimore, The After-School Institute (TASI), in hopes of informing cities intending to create similar entities about lessons learned, obstacles and challenges faced, and successes. We do not claim to have all of the answers about what it takes to create, operate, fund and sustain a successful intermediary organization, but we do believe that this report will have relevant information for such entities. The main premise that TASI operates on is that youth workers just like all other professional workers need training. The nation is recognizing the need for professional development for youth workers, but there have been no case studies conducted to   specifically investigate this need in the after-school area. This case study can serve as a profile of an intermediary after-school organization in a city that is on the front end of many after-school efforts. Download the executive summary and table of contents below. The full report is available for a $25 fee.  Interested?  Contact TASI at 410-332.7467 or

TASI Case Study Executive Summary (including table of contents)


FY 2006 Healthy Children/Healthy Futures Process Evaluation Report (released July 2006 with funding from The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation).

After-school hours provide an opportune time for promoting youth-related health issues like obesity prevention, nutrition and wellness, etc. Last year with funding provided by MetLife Foundation, fifteen (15) sites in Baltimore City participated in Strang Cancer Prevention Institute’s national Healthy Children Healthy Futures (HCHF) curriculum project and, with funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, TASI’s process evaluation conducted by UPENN-OSTRC. Below are the HCHF process evaluation’s executive summary and full report for you to download.

Executive Summary

Full Report


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