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The After-School Institute

Our Faculty and Staff

We rely on diverse and experienced Faculty and Staff to give our after-school providers quality training on a wide range of topics. 

Below are Faculty and Staff members who have conducted workshops, seminars, and other training sessions. Please refer to our Calendar to discover current training opportunities.


  • Academy of Educational Development 
  • Afterschool Alliance
  • Baltimore City Public Schools
  • Child First Authority 
  • Foundations, Inc.
  • The Family League of Baltimore City
  • The Finance Project 
  • Maryland State Department of Education
  • Safe and Sound Campaign
  • and more.....


  • Rebkha Atnafou, Executive Director, is responsible for overall management, establishing strategic linkages with local, state and national agencies, and directing the expansion and ensuring the sustainability of TASI. 
  • Andrea Tillery, Office Manager, is responsible for daily office operations, bookkeeping, and human resource duties. 
  • Lori Carter Vassor, Professional Development Coordinator, develops and manages TASI's events and provides oversight of TASI's certificate programs.