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The After-School Institute

The Standards

The After-School Strategy's effort to improve the quality and increase the quantity of after-school programming is based on the following approach:

  • Applying research-based standards of practice and performance
  • Building capacity
  • Ensuring accountability
  • Evaluating results
  • Linking funding to performance

We join the Strategy in working to apply uniform standards for after-school care. We've adopted an accreditation system based on that of the National AfterSchool Association, formerly the National School-Age Care Alliance, Standards for Quality School-Age Care.

Once standard qualifications are met, programs can apply for national accreditation by the National AfterSchool Association program. A system of accreditation ensures that children are receiving quality after-school care. To assess your level of compliance, please review the
Standards for Baltimore After-School Opportunities in YouthPlaces.

Standards for Baltimore After-School Opportunities in YouthPlaces

The Standards for Baltimore After-School Opportunities in YouthPlaces were adapted by the Baltimore After-School Strategy based on similar standards established by the National School-Age Care Alliance.

These standards were developed by the ad hoc After-School Strategy Team. This team was composed of after-school partners and program providers, community leaders and members, funders, youth, and parents.

If you have not done so already, please print out the standards document below and make an organizational assessment. For each standard listed, you'll be asked to indicate whether the standard is met, in the process of being met, or has not yet been addressed.

If you would like our assistance, please mail the completed form back to us at:

Attn: Technical Assistance
The After-School Institute
600 Reisterstown Road, Suite 310
Pikesville, MD 21208

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